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Natural Foundation of Horsemanship Collection 


Jonathan Field DVD

In every sport there are fundamental skills and philosophies that all athletes return to in performance. With over 18 hours of instruction, Jonathan Field’s Natural Foundation of Horsemanship is an in-depth, step-by-step program designed to give you a clear pathway to develop both you and your horse; it is the rock on which to build your masterpiece.

In this high quality educational series, Jonathan shares with you the concepts, principles, and techniques that have allowed him and his students to achieve such remarkable results with horses. Using a variety of horses, Jonathan clearly and concisely outlines each of his lessons. He first teaches you, the horseman, by demonstrating with one of his higher level horses. He then reinforces the horse training side by applying the lesson to a younger, less trained horse. The goal is for you to be able to go out and apply all that you’ve learned in a practical hands-on way.

Whether you are new to horses or are already performing at a high level, you will develop a deeper understanding of why horses do what they do. Most importantly, you will learn how to take advantage of their natural instincts in order to builder a strong relationship where your horse is as interested in you as you are in him.

Ground DVD's

Ground DVD 1: Becoming the Leader Your Horse Needs You to Be

Ground DVD 1 Jonathan FieldJonathan takes the complex, dynamic, and often misunderstood subject of horsemanship and boils it down to a simple, natural formula. Then, in an hour long session with a pushy and reactive herd bound horse, he demonstrates how horses need leadership to relax and learn.

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Ground DVD 2: Clear Communication - The Cornerstone of Your Relationship

Ground DVD 2 Jonathan FieldClear communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, including the one you have with your horse! Using three horses, Jonathan teaches you how to refine your communication so that both you and your horse can develop and progress with confidence.

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Ground DVD 3: Developing a Great Riding Horse From the Ground

Ground DVD 3 Jonathan FieldAdvance your ground skills using the 22 foot line. Using three horses, Jonathan teaches you how to refine your communication from greater distances and makes the connection between ground skills and riding. Learn how to prepare your horse from the ground for leads and lead changes on the back.

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Ground DVD 4: Long Lining - A Great Way to Further Your Connection

Ground DVD 4 Jonathan FieldLong lining has been used for generations as a way to develop a greater feel and connection between horse and rider. Using two horses at very different levels, Jonathan demonstrates the fundamentals of long lining and teaches you how to further your connection using this technique.

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Ground DVD 5: Challenge, Purpose and Fun!

Ground DVD 5 Jonathan FieldTest the skills you and your horse have been learning by putting them to a purpose! Jonathan has put together a compilation of exercises, obstacles, and ideas that will give you and your horse something fun to do together.

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Riding DVD's

Riding DVD 1: Safety - The First Step to a Great Ride

Riding DVD 1 Jonathan FieldUsing a young, confident, newly started herd bound horse who hasn’t been ridden in over a month, Jonathan covers core safety skills ALL riders and their horses can benefit from. Whether you have been around horses all your life or you are new to horses, you’ll learn fundamental skills that will ensure you greater success in your horsemanship goals.

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Riding DVD 2: Becoming a Great Rider

Riding DVD 2 Jonathan FieldSometimes becoming a better rider is about you and sometimes it is about your horse! Using two horses, Jonathan first breaks down the three core components, - balance, mobility, and posture – to becoming a great rider and then demonstrates how to teach your horse to become the easy, smooth horse you want to ride.

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Riding DVD 3: Lead Changes Made Easy

Riding DVD 3 Jonathan FieldUsing three horses, all at different stages in their development, Jonathan thoroughly explains the components that make up lead changes. He gives you a clear 7 step process to go achieve clean and consistent lead departures, simple drop-to-the-trot lead changes and, ultimately, flying lead changes.

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Riding DVD 4: Advance Your Riding Through Feel, Flexion and Shape

Riding DVD 4 Jonathan FieldUsing one of his top horses, Quincy, Jonathan discusses the importance of feel, flexion, and shape. He then teaches you how to achieve all three so you and your horse can progress to higher level maneuvers with ease.

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Riding DVD 5: Test Your Teaching - Challenge, Purpose and Fun!

Riding DVD 5 Jonathan FieldIn order to progress, you need to know where you are! Using two horses, Jonathan gives you exercises and ideas to test your horsemanship skills and keep your horse asking, “What’s next?”

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Buying Options

Option #1


Natural Foundation Kit Jonathan Field

The Natural Foundation Kit. $695.00

The ultimate investment in you and your horse! The complete 10 DVD set with all the equipment designed to make your horsemanship journey a safe and positive one.




Option #2


DVD Series Jonathan Field

The Complete 10 DVD Natural Foundation Series $499.00

Save over $150.00 when you buy the entire series.






Option #3


DVDs Jonathan Field

Any 5 DVDs for $285.00

Save $45.00 when you order 5 DVDs. Order the complete Ground or Riding sections or mix and match to best suit your horsemanship needs.





Option #4


DVDs Jonathan Field

The 3 Disc Starter Combo $180.00

Save $15.00 when you order three DVDs. A great way to get started!





Option #5 - Individual DVD's


Ground DVD 3 Individual  Jonathan Field

Build up to the Complete Set by purchasing the DVD's one at a time.

Each DVD can be purchased individually for $64.95. (Except DVD 3 Riding: Lead Changes Made Easy $79.95)



“I have lots of other equine educational DVD's. One of the things that I'm loving about yours is the play-by-play commentary as you’re working on-line or riding in real time. I especially appreciate the inclusions of the times when things don't quite work and the "do overs." This is maybe the most important part for us working away here at home.”

— Teresa Precious, Nelson, BC

“I just watched the lead change DVD last evening and as usual, you make it all look so simple but do give lots of confidence to us riders. I have ordered the full set of DVD's to have at the arena… Thank you for your advice and encouragement. Just love the way you do not cut out the incidents you have with a horse and show us how to live with those situations.”

  — Peg Barnes, Cowichan Bay

“Wow! Your DVD's are wonderful! We can't thank you enough. We are all enjoying watching them. Watching you work with the young horse has helped rekindle a spark for me.”

    — Kim Spencer, Langley, BC

“Thank you, Jonathan, for helping me further my horsemanship skills. I have started to watch the riding DVD 1 and I can tell it is going to be a big help in building my confidence and competence. It is just what I need right now to go forward in my riding abilities.”

   — Darcee Brown , Parksville,


Lead Changes Made Easy