Study, Learn, Excel . . . Pursue More with Horses    


Many people dream of a better relationship with horses but don't think it's achievable.  Jonathan believes that horsemanship can be learned by anyone with enough desire, so he created a program you can follow from any location on the planet and within nearly any budget.

Jonathan's program is where all of this begins — a true foundation of horsemanship that uses natural, psychology-based training methods that work for all levels of riders.  From beginning safety and basic riding principles, to advanced horsemanship to performance in all disciplines, an entire realm of horse people have benefited from Jonathan's methods.  To sum it up, Jonathan's program is about successfully teaching people and successfully training horses.

You can become a natural leader for your horse by observing, learning, and applying Jonathan's methods.  There are two different pathways to choose from: An in-depth home-study program or Live with Jonathan!  


The home study program, crafted around a series of DVDs, was designed to allow people from anywhere in the world to pursue the methods Jonathan has presented in these inclusive DVDs. And people do... Jonathan has students all over North America, in Australia, Germany, Ireland, England, France, and Israel.

The Natural Foundation DVD Collection

Natural_Foundation_Program_DVDs 10_DVD_Set

Jonathan has developed an intensive DVD program that guides riders of nearly all levels  through an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program.  The cornerstone program is "A Natural  Foundation of Horsemanship," an 18-hour library of horsemanship that includes five DVDs  on groundwork and five DVDs on riding. Click here to read what people have said about  this  inclusive DVD collection and how it's impacted their horsemanship skills and their  lives with horses. This is the ultimate way to accelerate your learning curve without even  leaving home!

The Liberty Series


Jonathan created this DVD program out of demand from his students. His number one request is, "How do I get my horses to run and play at liberty with me like yours do?' In response to such a huge demand, the Liberty series was born. This top-selling DVD program is an 8-hour ‘how-to' on achieving the ultimate connection with your horse. CLICK HERE to find out more about relating to your horse in this beautiful, fun way. 

DVD Starter Trio 

Not ready to commit to the whole Natural Foundation Set yet?  Jonathan's Starter Trio of DVD's from the Natural Foundation DVD set are a great way to get your feet yet, and get you introduced to Jonathan's teachings.  Consisting of Ground DVD's 1 & 2 and Riding DVD 1, the Starter Trio will cover the same materials that are in a Course 1 Clinic and will get you well on your way to establishing trust, leadership and safety with your horse.  Also - as Jonathan never wants anyone to pay more than $499 (Cdn) in order to have all 10 DVD's from the set, the money you spend on the trio will apply towards upgrading to the full set in the future.


Audit a clinic
This is a great way to start your Jonathan Field Horsemanship journey! As a spectator, you can sit quietly during a clinic, taking notes, absorbing what Jonathan has to teach, and watching how students quickly and easily transform into becoming better horsemen!

Bring Your Horse


Bringing your horse to a Jonathan Field clinic is a lifetime experience that forever changes the way you view and interact with horses. People have often said, "If I could have only done this when I first started in to horses, it's been the best horse experience I've ever had!"  Taking a clinic with Jonathan Field is an empowering way of learning quickly. In a clinic, Jonathan is able to assess your skills 'up close and personal' and help accelerate your horsemanship and success with your horse. You can definitely fast-track your horsemanship by studying with this master!  Curious about what a clinic includes? Find out more about these incredible clinics and read what others have said: Clinic Page.  

Here's an important note: Jonathan's clinics fill up quickly, so check your calendar and sign up as soon as possible to make sure you have a spot!

James Creek Ranch Camps

A Jonathan Field Horsemanship Camp at the James Creek Ranch in British Columbia is the ultimate horse experience! After completing the Course 1 pre-requisite sheet you may become eligible for the James Creek Ranch Camp. You'll learn from Jonathan on his private ranch, where you'll ride the mountains and meadows — literally the classroom environment for your lessons! Sound like a dream come true? Read more by clicking here.